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Lorde for Metro mag. Photo: Olivia Hemus.


Lorde for Metro mag. Photo: Olivia Hemus.

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“I don’t know why people are so reluctant to say they’re feminists. Maybe some women just don’t care. But how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word? Feminism always gets associated with being a radical movement – good. It should be.”

—   Ellen Page from her Guardian interview “Why are people so reluctant to say they’re feminists?” (via sleepstagram)

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Someday I’ll find somebody

Who treats me like I’m wanted

Not something to be forgotten

I continue to be friends with you

Then you leave me in the dust

Build me up slowly 

Then tear it all up

It won’t matter someday

But today it still sucks

Holding back…

…doesn’t get you very far. 

However I just can’t seem to publish anything on this blog right now. I start writing a post and then I save it as a draft. Gotta work on actually getting something done. 

Aimless on Flickr.

Aimless on Flickr.


Feeling really lost in the shuffle

Where did everybody go?

I’m tired of empty promises

And Friday nights all alone

Turn Around

I was not your friend

Merely the means to an end

Live and let die

Now you choke on your alibis

Why do I care

When all I can give is a prayer?

Cuz God forbid

I show you I still care

And then when I would never expect it

While I’m still in the process of just going on

You show up to apologize 

Walk so suddenly back into my life

And this time I know that it’s different

In your eyes I can see that you’ve changed

All this time I’ve wanted what’s best for you

Now I finally know

You feel the same

Shade of Love

I want to be in love

Stupid love

Love that doesn’t make sense

Stolen kisses

Love not long enough for reminisces

Roller coaster emotions

Empty pledges of devotions

Heartbreak that feels like it will last forever

Until we find a new December

I want a best friend love

Comfortable love

It’s slow, easy but effortless

Someone who loves my quirks

Love not looking out for just the perks

It creeps up unexpected

Already full of connection

Pure, steady and sweet

Not quite ‘sweep me off my feet’

Maybe someday I’ll find something in between

Because no love is packaged through a machine

Something safe and sure

Yet room for crazy and immature

Time for space to grow and learn

I’m in it

Heading for the point of no return

Words on Pages

Every once in a while ordinary words hit you in a way that is extraordinary

They connect you to life in a new way

Give you perspective that you’ve never seen

You get lost in the gardens of your mind

Trying to discover once again what life really is

Because the words redefined it 

And you’re trying to find out who you are again

In a world that’s real and fake

So you re-read the pages

You memorize each line

Hoping each step will take you

Closer to a new presence of mind

Escape Artist

I’m am the escape artist

Houdini’s protege

When danger comes

I disappear 

Fall apart and run away

I lose my soul in 

Taking flight

Away from all the pain

Giving over everything

To a place far, far away