The Fragments of My Mind

Little bits and pieces running through my mind...


Feeling really lost in the shuffle

Where did everybody go?

I’m tired of empty promises

And Friday nights all alone


I’ve never been faced with a challenge like this

Not to be vain

But people like me

However you hold the key to frightening

Got me in your hand like you’ll crush me

What did I do for you to spite me?

Let my anger and jealousy grow

Now I want to hate you back 

More than you could know

Give it time

Perhaps things will cool

But I don’t understand why you’re so damn cruel

You picked your battle

And now I’m on the outside looking in

Hold everything against me 

Because of 

One little


Trials of Friendship

Everything was building up

Slowly at first

Then it became violent

Till it hurt me to even be near you

Remember when we couldn’t stand being apart?

When we had to know everything 

And every minute alone

Was painful

Now we live together as strangers

Come back to me my friend

These trials shall pass

We’ll stand together at last